discord.py へようこそ。


discord.py は機能豊富かつモダンで使いやすい、非同期処理にも対応したDiscord用のAPIラッパーです。


  • async/await 構文を使ったモダンなPythonらしいAPI

  • 429エラー防止の為のレート制限

  • Discord APIを完全にカバー

  • Bot作成に便利なコマンド拡張

  • オブジェクト指向設計で使いやすい

  • メモリと速度の両方を最適化

Getting started

Is this your first time using the library? This is the place to get started!

Getting help

If you're having trouble with something, these resources might help.


These extensions help you during development when it comes to common tasks.


These pages go into great detail about everything the API can do.


If you're looking for something related to the project itself, it's here.